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Support Request
Disclaimer: This form is for determining feasibility and is not a guarantee of support. Please allow up to 48 Hours for a reply. If you do not hear back within the allocated time, please contact the Production Chief at 252-466-3688 or the Production OIC at 252-466-2648.

COMMSTRAT Office Phone: 252-876-9727



  • Exercise Support Requests: Please ensure delivery of CONOPS or confirmation brief to COMMSTRAT AT LEAST 14 business days in advance of planned exercise start date to allow for deliberate COMMSTRAT planning and coordination.
  • Graphics & Printing Requests: a MINIMUM of 10 business days notice is required for job completion for high volume requests. 
  • Photo Requests: a MINIMUM of 7 business days notice is required for job completion.
  • Video Requests: a MINIMUM of 14 business days notice is required for job completion (this may vary by request).
  • AFPIMS (Website) Requests: a MINIMUM of 3 business days notice is required for job completion.
  • Command Board Photo Requests are by appointment only through MCAS Cherry Point COMMSTRAT 252-466-2905.


  1. All ceremonial support requests will be submitted by the unit's adjutant or CO/SGTMAJ. If not, the request will be denied.
  1. Due to the limited number of COMMSTRAT personnel available and the geographic disparity between the 2d MAW COMMSTRAT office located at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point and 2d MAW units also located at MCAS New River and MCAS Beaufort, official ceremony support will be afforded for the O-6 (Colonel) Command Level or higher.  If 2d MAW COMMSTRAT is unable to support events at these air stations, the customer may request support from the local installation COMMSTRAT office.  All support is subject to availability and will be supported in the following precedence.
    • Change of Command/Relief and Appointment Ceremony.  Reproduction/ graphic support is limited to programs and signage directing attendees to downloading the event program.  Photo support is authorized for O-6 Command Level or higher. 
    • Activation and Deactivation Ceremony.  Reproduction/ graphic support is limited to programs and signage directing attendees to downloading the event program.  Photo and video support is authorized for O-6 Command Level or higher.
    • Memorial Ceremony.  Reproduction/graphic support for programs will be provided as requested.  Photo support will be provided as requested.
    • Marine Corps Birthday Ball/Cake Cutting Ceremony.  Support is authorized for the official ceremony of the 2d MAW Birthday Ball only. 
    • Retirement Ceremony.  Photo support will be provided for E-9/O-6 and above with at least 30 years of service or when held in conjunction with an official ceremony (O-6 Command Level or higher). 
    • Award/Promotion/Re-enlistment Ceremony.  Reproduction/graphic is not authorized.  Photo and video support will be provided if a general officer is officiating or in attendance and/or if the COMMSTRAT Director has determined the event has significance in the information environment. 
    • Mess night, Guest Night, Dining-in, Formal Mess Dinner, Band Night, or Dining-Out.  These functions are not authorized for COMMSTRAT support.


- Imagery acquisition
- Imagery product creation and distribution
- High Volume Printing (Max size of 11x17)
- Lamination
- Large Format Printing
- Mounting
- Graphics Development and Design
Products Provided (All products listed have restrictions)
- Programs
- Visual Information Boards
- Posters (Max size of 18x24)
- Handouts
- Trifolds/Bi-folds
- Flyers
- Logo/Insignia Design
Do NOT Support
- Name cards, tickets and seating charts for unit events, Balls, Mess Nights, and Dining Ins
- Any products for unit social events such as Mess Nights, Dinning Ins, and Professional Dinners
- Beautification Projects
- Products that can be purchased through Supply System
- Printing of Official Electronic Publications
- Personal Photos, Gifts, Group Photos, Collages and Yearbooks/Cruise Books
- Personal ceremonies of any kind with the exception of changes of command/relief and appointment for official command billets of 0-6 and above (CO/SgtMaj/CMC)
- Unique Cutouts of Logos or Images
- Outdoor Signage and Banners
- Business Cards
- Copies of Administrative Documents to include Medical and Dental records
- Maps (of any kind), Blueprints, or Schematics
- Stickers

If there is a product request not listed, contact the Visual Information Officer to determine what and where support can be provided.

Copyright Material

Copying, duplicating or reproducing any item(s) protected by copyright law is prohibited. The only exceptions are identified under the Fair Use Exception.  Permission must be obtained in hard form by the copyright owner, and must be provided to COMMSTRAT for inclusion into record.

Due to budget restraints, special projects, costly large format charts, displays, and other presentation graphics are limited to mission essential training, investigations, operational readiness, and other valid requirements. All other large format work may require reimbursement and is subject to the discretion of the Visual Information Officer and/or COMMSTRAT Director.

Exterior signs are provided through the S-4 with a MAXIMO request. Maps, blueprints, or schematics can be obtained through Installation Geospatial Information and Services Program, (IGI&S), MCIEAST at Camp Lejeune. Printing and finishing services not provided by 2D MAW / MCASCP COMMSTRAT Office can be obtained at Defense Printing, DLA Document Services, COM 252-652-3780 / Mobile 252-269-0034,






2nd Marine Aircraft Wing