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UNIT Contact Information

2d MAW Logo

2D Marine Aircraft Wing
II Marine Expeditionary Force
PSC Box 8050
Cherry Point, NC 28533-0050

Commercial: (252) 466-4313
DSN: 582-4313

MWHS-2 Logo

Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 2
PSC Box 8076
MCAS Cherry Point, NC 28533-0076

Commercial: (252) 466-4313
DSN: 582-4313

2d MAW Band Logo

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Band
MWHS-2 PSC 8076
Cherry Point, North Carolina 28533-0076

Commercial: (252) 466-2330
DSN: 582-2330




Website Changes and updates

If you have updates for this site or any of the Group websites, please contact the 2nd MAW Web Developer at (252) 466-6204 or email

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing