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Sexual Assault Prevention Response


The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program provides support and advocacy to all active duty Marines, Sailors, and dependents over the age of 18 who are victims of sexual assault. 

If you need immediate assistance for sexual assault, confidential support is available 24/7 by called the DoD Safe Helpline at (877) 995-5247 or your installation 24/7 sexual assault support line.

24/7 Sexual Assault Response Lines:

CHERRY POINT: (252) 665-4713
(910) 750-5852
BEAUFORT: (843) 321-6009

DoD Safe Helpline: (877) 995-5247

For information about the 2d MAW SAPR Program
2d Marine Aircraft Wing, Command SARC
Ms. Marie Brodie
Cherry Point, NC
W: (252) 466-3549
C: (252) 876-6352

  Cherry Point, NC
Ms. Della Brooks
(252) 466-5490

 New River, NC
Ms. Shanna Colman
(910) 449-5243

 Beaufort, NC
Ms. Ashly Byam
(843) 228-6904


SAPR Services

  • Confidential 24/7 access to advocates who provide crisis intervention and referrals.
  • Creating a positive command climate to increase confidence in reporting sexual assault or intervening without retaliation.
  • Training that emphasizes sexual assault prevention and addresses acts of retaliation.
  • Assistance with restricted and unrestricted reporting, to include accompaniment to appointments with law enforcement, Victims’ Legal Counsel, trial counsel, or medical providers and accompaniment to court.
  • Advocacy throughout the investigative and legal process.

All Marines shall treat a person who is a victim of sexual assault impartially, with dignity, and without prejudice. Marines shall ensure victims of sexual assault are treated in a manner that empowers the victims to determine their own support and resource needs. (MCO 1752.5C)


Reporting Options

Restricted Report

A restricted report allows a Marine or dependent who is a sexual assault victim to confidentially disclose the sexual assault to specific personnel without triggering an investigation.

To make a restricted report, the victim can notify one of the following personnel: uniformed or civilian SAPR Victim Advocate (SAPR VA), Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), or Healthcare Provider.

Once a restricted report is fileda victim can choose at any time to change that report to an unrestricted report.

Unrestricted Report

A Marine or dependent who is sexually assaulted and desires an official investigation of the sexual assault can make an unrestricted report to a uniformed or civilian SAPR VA, SARC, or Healthcare Provider.  The Marine or dependent can also speak directly to their chain of command or to law enforcement to make the report.  

It is recommended to speak to a SAPR VA or SARC first, regardless of reporting options.

With an unrestricted report, details regarding the assault will be limited to only those personnel who have a need to know, including the commander, NCIS, PMO, SARC, VA, chaplain, and healthcare provider.

Once an unrestricted report is filed, the victim cannot change their report to a restricted report.


Family Advocacy Program

For persons sexually assaulted by a spouse, romantic live-in partner, or when they have a child in common are supported by the Family Advocacy Program.


Men’s SAPR Campaign

The Men’s SAPR Campaign focuses on sexual assault experienced by male Service members. It addresses the personal impact and negative effects on readiness and unit cohesion when sexual assaults occur. The campaign also provides vital education and access to important resources to both SAPR professionals and victims of sexual assault.

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