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Equal Opportunity Advisor

“Equal Opportunity, Discrimination and Hazing – I expect leaders at every level to foster a work environment free of prohibited discrimination (based on race, creed, color, sex, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, or sexual orientation), sexual harassment, harassment, bullying, and hazing. I will not tolerate any such behavior. EOAs are available to assist with formal, informal, anonymous, and confidential reporting pathways. Every individual is a teammate and a valued member of our 2d MAW TEAM. I expect everyone to be treated with the dignity, care, and concern they so deserve. (MCO 5354.1F)” - William H. Swan, MajGen, USMC, Commanding General, 2d MAW


Prohibited discriminatory and harassment practices within the Marine Corps are counter-productive, unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. The Marine Corps will maintain a culture of dignity, care, and concern in which all members of the organization are afforded equal treatment and opportunity to achieve their full potential based upon individual merit, fitness, intellect, and ability. All Service members will cultivate an environment free from PAC. The PAC identified in this Order undermine morale, reduce combat readiness, and prevent maximum utilization and development of the Marine Corps’ most vital asset: its people.


Ensure mission readiness and personnel retention for 2d MAW Marines through effective implementation of policies and employment of professional Equal Opportunity Advisors to prevent and respond to Prohibited Activities and Conduct that negatively impact command climate and organizational effectiveness.


  • Civilian or staff non-commissioned officers, who serve as special staff officers that provide assistance, information, and support to Commanding Generals, Commanders, Command Teams, and Marines on Military Equal Opportunity and Prohibited Activities and Conduct (PAC) matters under MCO 5354.1F. 
  • Marine Corps subject matter experts who have received specialized training from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).
  • Manage the EO/PAC complaint reporting process, serve as CCA/DEOCS administrators, facilitate focus groups, provide EO/PAC training, and coordinate directly with Equal Opportunity Coordinators (EOCs) at the unit level.

EOA Documents and References:

• 2D MAW Commanding General's Equal Opportunity Policy Statement
• 2D MAW Commanding General's Hazing Policy Statement
• Request Mast Form 
• 2016 Equal Opportunity Training Courses (East Coast)
• Marine Corps Procedures for Processing of Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Complaints (NAVMC 2921)


2D MAW Equal Opportunity Advisors

For more information regarding Military Equal Opportunity (MEO) / Prohibited Activities and Conduct (PAC), the complaint reporting process, Command Climate Assessment (CCA) / Defense Equal Opportunity Climate Survey (DEOCS), focus groups, or MEO/PAC training -- contact your organizations servicing EOA:

Mr. Jason Kittredge
Office: (252) 466-7435
Cell: (252) 259-5102

2d MAW HQ, Bldg. 1, Rm 1107

SharePoint Site -

MACG-28 Equal Opportunity Advisor

 GySgt Alexandra Vanscoyk
Office: (252) 466-7435
BlackBerry: (252) 259-5102

Bldg 4401, Rm 115
MCAS Cherry Point

MAG-26 Equal Opportunity Advisor
 GySgt Riscoe
Office: (910) 449-0638
Mobile: (252) 772-5871

Bldg. AS-217, Rm 216
MCAS New River

MAG-29 Equal Opportunity Advisor

 GySgt Kyle Hobelmann
Office: pending
Cell: pending

Bldg 585
MCAS New River

MAG-31 Equal Opportunity Advisor

 SSgt Max Tackett
(843) 271-8178

Bldg. 585

IG Hotline

Confidential reporting for violations of law, rule, or regulation; inefficiency, misconduct, impropriety, mismanagement, gross waste of funds, abuse of authority, military whistleblower, reprisal or security violations (MCO 5370.8A).

ncis tip line

Safe, discreet, and anonymous reporting of criminal activity and force protection threats affecting the Navy and Marine Corps.

Marine Corps Complaint ProcedureS


1. Direct Approach

a. In person, by approaching the offending individual.
b. In writing, send a letter to the offending person stating the facts, your feelings about the behavior, and expected resolution.

2. Informal Third Party

a. Request assistance from another person.
b. Normally a friend or co-worker.

3. Training Information Resources (TIR)

a. Request training or resource materials for presentation to the work place in areas of discrimination, harassment or inappropriate behavior.
b. TIR includes videos, books, lesson plans, posters, etc. Request TIR from Equal Opportunity Advisor. 


1. Request Mast 

a. Preferred method for an individual to make a complaint of discrimination/sexual harassment.

2. Article 138. UCMJ Complaint 

a. Marine alleges wrong committed by the commanding officer.

3. Redress of Wrong Committed by a Superior 

a. Marine may file complaint against any superior, who the Marine believes committed a wrong doing. (USNAVREGS, Art. 1150).

4. Communications with Inspector General

a. Alternative to the normal chain of command.
b. Marines may lodge complaints and provide facts to the Command Inspector General (CIG) or to representative of the Deputy Naval Inspector General for Marine Corps Matters/Inspector General of the Marine Corps. Please contact 2D MAW IG at (252) 466-4676.
c. Marines may lodge complaints concerning violations of law, rules, and regulations: fraud, waste or inefficiency: abuse of authority: or other misconduct.

5. Individual Communications with Congress

a. Marines may write individual letters to members of Congress at any time concerning EO issues.



The special emphasis observances listed here are established and commemorated throughout DoD. From time to time, Congress and the President may establish other occasions that may require action. Directors are expected to publicize these events, establish policy that supports and allows personnel to have a reasonable opportunity to participate in these events.

January, Third Monday
Martin Luther King, Jr., Birthday
Public Law 98-144, Nov 83 (Federal Holiday)

February 1-28/29
African American History Month
First Presidential Proclamation, Feb 76

March 1-31
Women's History Month
Public Law 100-0, Mar 87

May 5-12
Holocaust Days of Remembrance
Public Law 96-388, Oct 80

May 1-31
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
First Presidential Proclamation, May 91

June 1-30
LGBT Pride Month

June 19

August 26
Women's Equality Day
First Presidential Proclamation, Aug 73

September/October 15 Sep - 15 Oct
National Hispanic Heritage Month
Public Law 100-402, Aug 88

October 1-31
Disability Employment Awareness Month

November 1-30
National Native American Indian Heritage Month
Public Law 102-188, Mar 92


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