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2D MAW Aviation Training System


Aviation Training System

ATS Mission

The Aviation Training System and its three Marine Aviation Training System Sites promote training, standardization, and evaluation within the Second Marine Aircraft Wing (2nd MAW) to prepare the Wing to meet training and readiness standards across the six functions of Marine Aviation. In doing so, 2nd MAW sustains an integrated training system in order to provide the MAGTF Commander with combat ready units. The ATS focuses on live, virtual, and constructive training throughout the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF), leveraging and enhancing emerging simulation technologies and digital interoperability. 

The following documents guide the ATS in completing its tasks: MCO 3710.6 (series) (ATS), MCO 3710.8 (series) (NATOPS), MCO 3501.1 (series) (MCCRE), the MAWTS-1 Flight Leadership Program (FLP) Guide, WgO 5900.21 (series) (DSS SOP), WgO 3501.4 (series) Aircraft Readiness, and WgO 3710.39 (series) (2d MAW FLP). Aviation Training System and MATSS tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Aviation virtual training system planning, development, and enhancements, which includes Distributed Mission Operations and the MAGTF Live/Virtual/Constructive capabilities.
  • Virtual exercise development, participation, and coordination
  • Pre-Weapons and Tactics Instructor school preparation and training
  • Simulator and Contractor Instructor Services standardization and evaluation
  • Simulator post-modification and maintenance functional checks and evaluation
  • NATOPS/Instrument evaluation and Instrument Ground School standardization
  • Flight leadership standardization and evaluation for all 2nd MAW aircraft
  • Local oversight of the Training Management Process
  • Distributed learning courseware revision and management
  • Boat Detachment University and Crew Resource Management
  • 2d MAW unit pre-deployment training and evaluation
  • Marine Corps Combat Readiness Evaluations 


MATSS Mission

To manage, support, and facilitate aviation training services, products, and solutions through collaboration with the warfighter, industry, and government acquisition professionals to provide an optimized and tactically relevant training system.

An important aspect of the ATS concept is its alignment of all these tasks under the operational chain of command. Through its uniformed tactical experts, acquisition professionals, Contracting Officer Representatives, and In-Service Engineers, MATSS provides an operational conduit to the Marine Corps Battle Simulation Center, Naval Air Forces Atlantic, Training and Education Command, Naval Air Weapons Center-Training Systems Division, Naval Air Systems Command, Marine Corps Combat Development Command, and Headquarters Marine Corps (Aviation). 

Through this higher headquarters chain, and in collaboration with industry partners, mission requirements drive acquisition processes. The ATS fleet representatives assigned to MATSS, in coordination with the Marine Air Groups and subordinate squadrons are better equipped to drive aviation training requirements and influence their aircraft communities’ priorities through the Training Management Process. 



2d MAW Aviation Training System (ATS)
2d MAW HQ Building One, Room 2084
PSC Box 8050
Cherry Point, NC 28533

ATS Director
Currently Vacant
Commercial: (252) 466-7132 (DSN: 582)

ATS Deputy Director
Dr. Charles (Randy) Myers
Commercial: (252) 466-2009 (DSN: 582)

Marine Aviation Training System Site (MATSS) Beaufort
Building 2145, Room 111
101 Drayton Street
MCAS Beaufort, SC 29904

MATSS Beaufort OIC
Lieutenant Colonel Elisha Keller (F-18)
Commercial (843) 228-7554 (DSN: 335)

MATSS Cherry Point
PSC Box 8096
Cherry Point NC 28533

MATSS Cherry Point OIC
Major James Pollard (AV-8B)
Commercial (252) 466-3514 (DSN: 582)

MATSS New River
PSC Box 21035
Jacksonville, NC 28545

Major Whitley Noel (CH-53)
Commercial: (910) 449-5808 (DSN: 752)


2nd Marine Aircraft Wing