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Fleet Marine Force Qualified Officer Program


Attainment of the FMFQO designation for a Navy officer signifies an achieved level of excellence and proficiency in Marine Corps operations and indicates a fundamental understanding of a Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) and its components. The FMFQO insignia signifies additional general knowledge that enhances their understanding of war fighting, mission effectiveness, and command survivability. Officers who wear the FMFQO insignia stand out as significant contributors to the Naval services' ground warfare mission. The FMFQO qualification may only be obtained through the formal qualification program.

FMFQO qualification recognizes Navy officers trained in Fleet Marine Force operations. FMFQO qualification is highly recommended for all eligible officers assigned to a U.S. Marine Corps command. Active Duty officers and Reserve officers may qualify for FMFQO qualification if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Please see the Power Point presentation which includes all instructions, PQS, study guides and instruction outlines that may be downloaded for individual use.

 Fleet Marine Force (Qualified Officer) Program PPT


2nd Marine Aircraft Wing