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Marine Aircraft Group 14
MAG-14 Logo
2d Marine Aircraft Wing
MCAS Cherry Point, NC


Colonel James T. Bardo
MAG-14 Commanding Officer

Colonel Bardo is a 1998 graduate of Whittier College in Los Angeles, CA with a Bachelor of Arts

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Lieutenant Colonel Michael R. Donlin
MAG-14 Executive Officer

Lieutenant Colonel Donlin was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps

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Sergeant Major C. Derrick Battle
MAG-14 Command Senior Enlisted Leader

Sergeant Major Battle reported to MCRD Parris Island on 3 September 2002.  Upon completion of basic

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Conduct Offensive Air Support, Anti-Air Warfare, Assault Support, And Air Reconnaissance Operations In Support Of The Marine Air-Ground Task Force Or joint And Coalition Forces, And Conduct Fleet Replacement Squadron Training In Order To Provide Combat Capable Aircrews To Operational Squadrons.


Marine Aircraft Group 14
Postal Service Center Box 8051
Cherry Point, NC 28533

Commercial: (252) 466-5100
DSN: 582-5100


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 Jeannette Young
Office: (252) 466-5469
Cell: (252) 876-6401

MAG-14 Family Hotline:
Press 2 then 1

Religious Ministries


We at the Chaplains office take pride in being able to assist our Marines, Sailors and their family members with their religious and spiritual needs. From counseling to inquiries about religious service availability, we strive to facilitate for force readiness in the crucial areas of the human heart, mind and soul. If you have any questions regarding subjects such as; couples retreats, personal counseling, religious ceremonies or if you just want to see what other programs and services we are able to provide, please feel free to stop by our offices at the MAG-14 Headquarters in building 1670 or give us a call at (252) 466-6732.

As always, confidentiality is paramount in regards to communications between military personnel and any and all members of the Religious Ministry Team.


LCDR James Neil
Group Chaplain 
COMM: (252) 466-6732

LT Jonathan Hood
Deputy Chaplain 
COMM: (252) 466-7501

RP1 David Wingfield
Staff RP
COMM: (252) 466-3074

RP2 Eleanor Lynde
Staff RP
COMM: (252) 466-3074

RP2 Andrew Wehring
Staff RP
COMM: (252) 466-5430

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing