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Command Biography
MWHS-2 Executive Officer
Major Seth C. Cormier

Seth Cormier enlisted on a reserve contract in May 2006. He graduated boot camp at MCRD San Diego as a Private First Class (PFC) in August 2006. He reported to Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 23rd Marines in Bossier City, Louisiana in August 2006 as an 0311 Infantryman.  LCpl Cormier completed the Platoon Leaders Course (PLC) in July 2008 and commissioned as a 2ndLt in February 2009.  

2ndLt Cormier reported to The Basic School in June 2009 and graduated in December 2009.  He reported in to the Logistics Officers Course aboard Camp Johnson, NC in January 2010.  He graduated in March 2010 and was granted the 0402 MOS.  He was also awarded the Motor Transport Award for his academic performance in that segment of the curriculum.  

2ndLt Cormier reported in to 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines (3/11) aboard the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) in 29 Palms, CA.  He was initially assigned the billet of Maintenance Management Officer but was rapidly assigned the additional billet of S-4A.  He was promoted to the rank of 1stLt in January 2011.  Shortly after, 1stLt Cormier was assigned the billet of Battalion S-4 and would serve in this billet for the remainder of his time in 3/11.  He would oversee the Battalion’s logistics efforts through six different Integrated Training Exercises (ITXs) and over a dozen additional exercises during his three-year tenure.  1stLt Cormier was promoted to the rank of Captain in March 2013.  He received orders to Combat Logistics Battalion 5 (CLB-5) aboard Camp Pendleton, CA and executed permanent change of station (PCS) there in August 2013.

Upon arrival at CLB-5, Capt Cormier was given command of the Maintenance Support Company.  In January 2014, Capt Cormier was given the additional temporary duty of Battalion Executive Officer.  In March 2014, Capt Cormier was assigned temporary active duty (TAD) to the Redeployment and Retrograde in support of Reset and Reconstitution Operations Group (R4OG), Rotation 5.  The R4OG’s mission was to deploy to Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan and oversee the final retrograde of equipment and supplies from Regional Command Southwest (RCSW).  Capt Cormier received a Navy Commendation Medal (NAVCOM) on the deployment and redeployed to home station and CLB-5 in November 2014.

In January 2015, Capt Cormier was given command of CLB-5’s Headquarters and Service Company.  During this time, Capt Cormier would supervise the standup of CLB-5’s Engineer Company and lead it’s platoons during an iteration of ITX.  In June 2015, Capt Cormier switched over to command CLB-5’s Transportation Services Company (TSC).  He would remain commanding TSC until he was sent TAD for a deployment in June 2016.

Capt Cormier deployed to Camp Resolute Support in Kabul, Afghanistan to work for NATO-Afghanistan’s CJ4 as the Fuels Officer. He received a Joint Commendation Medal (JCOM) during the deployment and redeployed to home station and CLB-5 in December 2016.

Capt Cormier PCS’ed to the US Army’s Combined Logistics Captain’s Career Course (CLCCC) in Fort Lee, VA in January 2017.  He graduated in the top 10% of his class.

Capt Cormier PCS’ed to Marine Corps Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC) in August 2017.  Upon arrival, he was given command of the Headquarters and Service Company.  In June 2018, Capt Cormier was transferred to the MARFORPAC G-4 where he served as a Logistics Planner and the G-4’s Information Management Officer (IMO).  In November 2018, Capt Cormier was promoted to Major.  In May 2019, Major Cormier graduated from non-resident Command and Staff College (CSCDEP).  In October 2019, Maj Cormier attended and graduated the Intermediate Logistics Operations Course (IMLOC), receiving the additional MOS of 0477 Expeditionary Logistics Instructor.  He received a NAVCOM for his accomplishments at MARFORPAC before PCS’ing to MCAS Cherry Point.

Maj Cormier PCS’ed to Marine Aircraft Group 14, 2d MAW aboard MCAS Cherry Point in August 2020.  He was assigned as the Group Logistics and Facilities Officer.  During his time there, Maj Cormier oversaw the transformation of the MAG-14 flightline and supporting infrastructure as military construction and renovations caught up with the divestment of the AV8-B Harrier and supported the fielding and employment of the F35.  

In August 2023, Maj Cormier transferred from MAG-14 to Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 2 (MWHS-2) where he currently serves as executive officer.

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing