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U.S. Marines with 2nd Supply Battalion, 2nd Marine Logistics Group (MLG), verify equipment information at Morehead City, North Carolina, Aug. 17, 2022. The Marines of 2nd MLG facilitated the transportation of 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) vehicles and equipment via train to Yuma, Arizona, in support of Weapons and Tactics Instructor course. 2nd MLG and 2nd MAW are the logistics combat element and aviation combat element of II Marine Expeditionary Force. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Elias E. Pimentel III)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Elias Pimentel

Marines get back on track

27 Sep 2022 | Cpl. Christopher Hernandez 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

U.S. Marines from 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) and 2nd Marine Logistics Group loaded aircraft and equipment onto trains at the North Carolina Port in Morehead City, North Carolina, Aug.15 -17, 2022. The Marines used trains to transport vehicles and equipment from North Carolina to Arizona in support of an upcoming Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course.

Radios, aircraft parts, vehicles, and heavy equipment such as tractor trailers, Humvees and trucks were moved approximately 2,000 miles across the country.

“From a logistics standpoint, using the railways brings a more cost-effective transit rather than planes and a cross-country trip,” said Staff Sgt. Ricky Dunn, a motor transport operations chief with Marine Wing Support Squadron (MWSS) 271. “We need to utilize this [training] so we won’t lose the knowledge later on. If we don’t use it, we lose it.”

Mission-essential cargo had to be organized, loaded and secured prior to leaving the port. Marines with 2nd Combat Logistics Battalion led the operation while training the Marines of 2nd MAW who had less experience with railway operations.

“There were a lot of different Marines that needed the training for railway operations in 2nd MAW,” said Dunn. “Some of us never had this type of opportunity. With the Marines in 2nd CLB helping and training us, we became more proficient in these operations.”

WTI is a seven-week period of instruction that incorporates Marine Corps planning and the implementation of advanced air and ground tactics. 2nd MAW supports the participating ground units through assault support, close-air support, air reconnaissance, and electronic warfare.

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing