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Photo by Cpl. Rocco DeFilippis

Tactical data networking Marines keep flightline online

23 May 2005 | Cpl. Rocco DeFilippis

Each day, countless servicemembers use computers to check e-mail, type reports and transfer data in order to support operations.

From supply data and flight schedules, to mission orders and causality evacuation
requests, information travels through data networks constantly.

“Everyday servicemembers use computers to plan, coordinate and track
operations,” said Lance Cpl. Ryan M. Parent, tactical data network specialist and native
of Cumming, Ga. “We make sure that the avenues in which they access that data are
available for them 24-hours a day.”

Parent is a member of Systems Control Bravo team of Marine Wing Support
Squadron 271. The six-man team is responsible for running the flightline help desk, and
coordinating the troubleshooting and repair of all the computer systems on the flightline.

“Each day, we are helping people stay connected,” Parent said. “Whether it’s
replacing wire or fiber optic cable or getting someone logged onto their machine, we are
here to support the wing.”

The Marines provide support for computer related problems and handle most of
the trouble calls for all the units on the flightline. They handle all software and network
related problems, manage user accounts, and operate network switches and servers that
allow the squadrons to link to the World Wide Web.

“We are a liaison, a mediator,” said Cpl. Brett S. Perucki, tactical data network
specialist and native of Columbus, Ohio. “When a unit comes to us with a problem, we
do our best to resolve it. If it’s something we don’t handle, we point them in the right
direction, so they can get up and running.”

The Marines work around the clock. The tactical data specialists, using computers
that monitor the networks, find and fix problems before a user is aware there is one.

“Our whole goal is to keep information available to the people who rely on it,”
said Pfc. Anthony D. Piermarini, tactical data network specialist and native of Lowell,
Mass. “If they can’t log on to their machine, check and send e-mail or access the Internet,
they can’t complete their mission.”

Handling everything from Internet protocol address conflicts, virus detection and
repair, and encryption of secure data, the help desk Marines keep the flightline squadrons

“It’s good to know that we are a part of something,” Parent said. “We are helping
the wing complete its mission everyday.” 

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