‘Godfather’ takes command of base defense

11 Apr 2007 | Lance Cpl. Ryan R. Jackson

The “Godfather,” Marine Wing Support Group-27, arrived to defend Al Asad and maintain the safety of the service members within, Jan. 15.

The Marines of Group 27 provide the aviation ground support for aviation operations to Multi-National Forces-West, Iraq. 

The primary role of ’27 is to command and control the integrated defense for the base, which includes all of the external patrolling, the maintenance of the perimeter, and all access to the base via traffic. 

Before the transfer of authority the Marines of MWSG-37 helped Group 27 transition, enabling them success for their deployment.

“We had a week of extremely professional turnover with MWSG-37,” said Col. Peter M. Warker, MWSG-27 commanding officer.  “It was a very detailed turnover.  The ceremony was very short, professional, and small because we had operations to continue.”

Prior to their year-long deployment, the Godfathers spent months preparing for their command and control post.

“All Marines participated in the pre-deployment training plan and normal battle skills training,” said Warker, a Wernersville, Pa., native.  “A lot of our training involved command post work, providing command and control, communications, and maintaining situational awareness with our units over here.” 
Group 27’s goal is to establish an integrated base defense posture by incorporating all the tenant units on base into the established defense plan.

“There have been no missteps, we assumed the mission and have continued to excel and bring a fresh set of eyes after a year,” said Warker.  “We are very good at constantly re-assessing and improving our processes.”