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Marines, Sailors begin work in Nicaragua for Continuing Promise

9 Sep 2010 | Sgt. Samuel Beyers 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

An opening ceremony was held by local residents and leaders to celebrate Operation Continuing Promise 2010 at Colegio Moravo in Bluefields, Nicaragua, Sept. 16, 2010.

The event was attended by key leaders of Operation CP10, local government leaders and the U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua.

“Mission Continuing Promise 2010 shows our strong commitment to the Nicaraguan people with respect to their health, prosperity and democracy,” said Robert J. Callahan, U.S. Ambassador to Nicaragua. “In every aspect, this mission benefits both the United States and Nicaragua.”

Over the next nine days, Marines, sailors and non-governmental organizations embarked aboard the USS Iwo Jima will work together under the banner of Continuing Promise conducting humanitarian assistance and subject-matter expert exchanges. The CP10 team incorporates thirteen participating nations to include Germany, Paraguay, Canada, Costa Rica, Netherlands, and now Nicaragua. CP10 brings a team of medical, dental, veterinary, engineering professionals working alongside their Nicaraguan counterparts.

“We are very excited to be in Bluefields bringing Continuing Promise back to Nicaragua for the fourth year in a row,” said Navy Capt. Thomas M. Negus, commodore of CP10. “Continuing Promise is an equal partnership humanitarian mission that serves as a strong and meaningful demonstration of our commitment to our neighbors here in Nicaragua.”

Marines and sailors of Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force 2010 will provide translator support, engineering support, medical assistance and air transportation. The Special-Purpose MAGTF has been organized, trained and equipped to provide humanitarian aid and disaster relief to Latin, Central and South America.

“I pledge to you the work of all our hands and the spirit in all of our hearts over the next nine days as we work side by side with Nicaraguans for Nicaragua,” said Negus.

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing