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Marines with Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28 hang a display board of the squadron’s latest accomplishments here, May 1. The display board is an addition to the squadron’s Hall of History, created by Marines within the squadron as a reminder of the Marine’s history and accomplishments. The creation of the Hall of History is one of the steps the squadron is taking to help them get back to the basics.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Unique B. Roberts

MWCS-28 Marines use history to reawaken squadron

9 May 2014 | Lance Cpl. Unique B. Roberts 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

Marine Corps History is comprised of defining moments made by those who have accomplished goals and missions as well as made mistakes and learned from them in the past. With the knowledge of known accomplishments, Marines in today’s Corps are equipped with a template for success.

Members of Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28 began constructing the Hall of History within the squadron Feb. 15 at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C.

MWCS-28 is charged with connecting the warfighter to the combat power of Marine aviation through Marine air command and control systems agencies and task organized aviation combat elements, according to Lt. Col. Jaime Macias, the commanding officer of MWCS-28.

The Hall of History portrays a symbolic relationship between the ACE, MACCS and the squadron since 1967.

The Hall of History is comprised of multiple exhibits displaying the squadron’s history dating back to the establishing date of Sept. 1, 1967.

“The Hall of History is for the Marines – past and present,” said Macias.

In an effort to ensure Marines are developing successfully in every aspect of being a Marine, the squadron is instituting the Hall of History in every way that they can.

“As a part of the squadron sponsorship program and our efforts to sustain the transformation, we will mail all new-joins a one-page summary of the squadron’s history,” said Macias. “Once they check in, their sponsor will walk them down the passageway and discuss the history and recognition of the squadron.”

The Hall of History was established to foster pride and the program was set in place to help the Marines remember the success and history of the squadron.

“Marines pride themselves in their history, their legacy,” said Macias. “It is important to me to educate our Marines not only about our illustrious Marine Corps history, but also the history of the squadron.”

Living in the shadow of a great legacy is not only challenging, but it also unifies the Marine Corps. October 2013, the commandant and the sergeant major of the Marine Corps presented the concept of the Reawakening to all ranks of the Marine Corps.

Through the Reawakening, Marines are to reinvigorate themselves and those around them to continue to display the persistent discipline, faithful obedience to orders and instructions and strict adherence to standards that were once shown.

“The Reawakening is about acknowledging and respecting the belief in who we are and what we do,” said Macias. “This is what the Hall of History represents. The hall is a reminder to the Marines that we volunteered to serve our nation and must uphold our standards and remain ready for the next conflict.”

While trying to implement the Reawakening at the squadron, the commanding officer also wants his Marines to be proud of their unit and the accomplishments they have made.

“The hall represents the times in our Corps’ history when our Marines have been remarkable stewards of our resources and reputation,” said Macias. “Every time I walk down the hall, I am reminded of what the Marines, past and present, have accomplished, and it makes me proud to be the commander of such a distinguished unit.”

The Hall of History presented the squadron with a sense of pride and ownership of not just their own history but of the history of the Marine Corps and the squadron’s Marines are proud to share a piece of the squadron with every new Marine.

“The work that we have done is not just for today, but it is to help mold the Marines of tomorrow that come to the squadron,” said Lance Cpl. Luke J. Highley, a ground radio repairer with the squadron. “We all are a part of the same unit, brothers and sisters, and it’s a great way to bring us closer together."

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing