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Members of Marine Wing Support Squadron 274 conduct command and control training at Marine Corps Outlying Field Camp Davis, N.C., July 15, 2014, as part of a squadron-wide field exercise. The squadron companies conducted training to prepare their Marines for operations in austere environments.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Joshua R. Heins

MWSS-274 conducts command, control training at Camp Davis

20 Jul 2014 | Lance Cpl. Joshua R. Heins 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

Marine Wing Support Squadron 274 conducted a command and control exercise at Marine Corps Outlying Field Camp Davis as a part of a squadron-wide training event July 14.

The squadron went to the field to enhance their operational readiness by establishing a mock forward operating base to conduct forward arming and refueling point operations.

Additionally, the engineer company conducted berm construction training, while the squadron's operations section established a combat operations center to simulate an expeditionary environment, according to Staff Sgt. Darryl Rodriguez, the squadron's air base ground defense staff noncommissioned officer-in-charge.

"Each company within the squadron is conducting their own specific training," said Rodriguez. "It's important to ensure each Marine is trained proficiently in their military occupational specialty. We have many new Marines in the squadron that have not yet been in a field environment outside of their initial training. The more time we can spend out here in a simulated deployed environment the more beneficial it will be for the squadron."

The Marines made the most of their time in the field, performing refueling mission throughout each day and late into some evenings.

The field environment at Camp Davis helped the Marines understand the importance of teamwork, according to Capt. David Fickle the squadron's air operations company commander.

"Having Marines out in the field is the best way for them to learn their job," said Fickle. "It allows all the Marines to work together as they would while deployed."

MWSS-274 specializes in expeditionary support for 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing. One of its most important capabilities is establishing a FARP to support aviation operations in austere environments, according to Fickle.

"The most important thing for the Marines to remember while operating in an austere environment is how dynamic their jobs are," said Fickle. "The Marines need to work together fluidly while keeping accountability of each other and watching each other's backs."

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