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CFC closes 2014 campaign

12 Jan 2015 | N.W. Huertas Quinones 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

The Combined Federal Campaign season is over at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C. and the drive’s supporters met their goal for 2014. One hundred percent of all service members and Defense Department personnel were offered the opportunity to donate this year, with nearly $150 thousand committed to the campaign.

The CFC is the DOD’s only authorized fundraising drive and is voluntary for all DOD employees. According to Pamela Walker, the civilian manpower officer with the Civilian Manpower Office here, more than $145,000 was raised during the drive.

The program, established by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, was designed to give federal employees a chance to donate to charities of their choice.

“We support around 2,600 local charities,” said Walker. “It is important to ensure everyone is given the opportunity to learn about the CFC and all the donation opportunities offered.”

According to Bobbie Whitbeck, CFC coordinator and human resources specialist with the Civilian Manpower Office, the CFC was a success and surpassed previous year’s donations.

“It is important to participate in the CFC,” said Whitbeck. “Numerous organizations supported by the CFC give directly back fellow service members. It benefits everyone involved in the campaign.”

She encourages service members and their families to continue donating to the annual campaign so local charities can continue to thrive in the future.

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing