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Dough Coley, left, supervises Lance Cpl. Zhenya Mcnabb as she maneuvers through traffic cones during the beer goggles interactive event at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina, April 24, 2015. Marines wore vision impairing goggles that simulated the effects of alcohol on their ability to perform basic tasks. Coley is a state trooper with the North Carolina State Troopers and Mcnabb is an administrative specialist with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron.

Photo by Cpl. Neysa Huertas

Marines take a shot at drunk driving during beer goggles event

28 Apr 2015 | Cpl. N.W. Huertas 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

State trooper buckles up next to disoriented drivers for a bumpy ride through a sea of orange cones during the “beer goggles and golf carts” event here, April 24.

North Carolina State Troopers teamed up with the Cherry Point Single Marine Program to host an event allowing participants to maneuver a golf cart through an obstacle course marked by traffic cones while wearing “beer goggles.”

The purpose of the event was to raise awareness about drunk driving and to keep service members informed about the dangers associated with it.

According to Doug Coley, a state trooper with the NCST, participants were fitted with a pair of goggles that gave them double vision similar to what they would experience under the influence of alcohol.

The beer goggles impaired the driver’s vision and hindered their ability to perform tasks like throwing a football or walking in a straight line, he said.

“We came out here to show the young men and women the reality of driving under the influence,” said Coley. “They are getting hands-on experience and learning about the hazards of drinking and driving in ways that they can relate to.”

According to Coley, the NCST work alongside SMP and Marine Corps Community Services personnel to bring awareness to service members through these demonstrations by allowing them to actively take part in the experiences while remaining in a controlled environment.

 “A lot of drivers have never noticed how difficult it is to operate a vehicle while under the influence,” said Coley. “They get behind the wheel or let someone who is under the influence drive and end up finding themselves in situations that could have easily been avoided if proper decision making had occurred.”

There have been over 21,000 arrests in the United States related to driving under the influence during this past year, said Coley.

“Our goal is to bring awareness to the dangers drunk drivers impose on themselves and those around them.” said Coley. “One car accident can change multiple all lives at once.”

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing