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Lance Cpl. Jessie Stovicek stands post behind a chain-link fence during an airbase ground defense field operation at Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue, North Carolina, Aug. 19, 2015. Nearly 300 Marines with Marine Wing Support Squadron 271were involved in the field operation by providing security for ground operations during portrayed enemy attacks. Lark is an aircraft rescue and firefighting specialist with MWSS-271. Stovicek is a motor vehicle operator with MWSS-271.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Jason Jimenez

MWSS-271 Airbase Ground Defense at Bogue

25 Aug 2015 | Lance Cpl. Jason Jimenez 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

After an identity check at the front gate of Auxiliary Landing Field Bogue, rolling past the barriers, the message is apparent: Marine Wing Support Squadron 271 is watching and everybody knows you are here.

Nearly 300 Marines were involved in an airbase ground defense field operation, Aug. 13-20.

“We are being tasked with securing this airfield so operations can continue unimpeded by enemy threats,” said 1st Lt. Charles Sieber, the combat engineer officer with MWSS-271. “Missions that need to go on the airfield can continue going on without enemy attacks.”

According to Sieber, there is a plethora of different scenarios being portrayed to keep the Marines on their toes.

“We have possible Improvised Explosive Devices, troops being dispatched, tracking enemy attacks and pattern analysis for styles of attack and trends,” said Sieber.

Following three days of 12-hour long refresher classes on the knowledge received during Marine Combat Training, the Marines, for three days and nights, performed security procedures in accordance with the classes.

“The classes covered everything from weapons systems to patrolling and standing post properly,” said Chief Warrant Officer Christopher Sills, the tactical security officer for the field operation. “We have practical applications similar to training troops receive in MCT.”

According to Sills, the expectation after completion of the field operation is that the whole unit has a solid tactical mindset.

“This is the first time a focused event like this has occurred in about two years for the squadron,” said Sills. “It is important to reiterate basic things Marines should be doing like never moving alone, only in pairs, weapons always within one arms reach and keeping weapons clean at all times.”

Barriers were set up across Bogue in strategic locations with Marines challenging anyone who approached their post.

“The Marines used small unit leadership in a combat situation, so a lot of the interactions that were taken from this, we will share the information and results and with our sister Marine wing support squadrons,” explained Sills.

With M-16 assault rifles, pistols and crew-served weapons systems atop tactical vehicles, amongst a few other security measures, MWSS-271 is ensuring protection for all ground operations at Bogue.

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing