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Action requested: Cherry Point personnel update personal information for mass notifications

1 Sep 2015 | Cpl. Grace L. Waladkewics 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

Mass notification systems are a way to distribute announcements and information within minutes from a centralized, web-based location in an effort to notify and keep personnel up-to-date during an emergency.

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point is requesting air station personnel to update their personal information within the system.

According to Grant DeHaven, the mission assurance program manager here, Cherry Point has three notification systems to release accurate information quickly.

“The systems include a giant voice and a little voice, which consist of speaker towers placed outdoors and within buildings across the installation,” said DeHaven. “Within minutes of an emergency event being reported, the voice of an operator will be heard providing notifications and instructions.”

Additionally, the AtHoc system provides personnel accountability for emergency situations because all personnel with a Marine Corps email account are automatically registered into the system said DeHaven. All other personnel who wish to be added are advised to see their mission assurance working representative to become registered.

“Those who are registered within the system receive desktop pop-up messages and alerts through work telephones and email,” said DeHaven. “It is recommended that personnel take the time to verify and add personal contact information … because the more information you have in the system, the better chance you have of being accurately contacted in a timely manner.”  

According to DeHaven, it is critical during emergency situations for personnel, dependents and others aboard the air station and across 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing to receive immediate notifications to have ample time to take appropriate actions.

“No matter the situation, it is crucial that personnel understand how they can be notified and what actions to take once they are notified,” said DeHaven.

 “The emergency notification system serves as a piece of mind for personnel aboard the installation and their families,” said DeHaven. “We do our best making sure we can alert people. People can take action as long as they are alerted that there is a potential emergency. This is why it is so important to us to make sure they can hear and receive these messages from as many outlets as possible.”

For more information, contact the station Emergency Mass Notification Procedures line at 252-466-2347 or 252-466-7561.

To add information to an existing account, the user must locate and click on the purple globe in government computer. Once it is open, the user should select the “Access Self Service” button from the drop down bar. The user must then navigate to the “My Info” section where they will verify organizational information. Then, the user will click the “Devices” tab to verify and add personal contact information. Additional information can be accessed through AtHoc application by downloading it on an iPhone or Android device.

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