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Service members and their guests roam the shoreline during the Military Fun Day at Cape Lookout Island, N.C., Oct. 9, 2015. The Carteret Military Affairs Committee hosted more than 80 service members and their guests during their visit to the Waterfowl Museum and Cape Lookout as a day of appreciation for service members and the dedication they uphold to their duties.

Photo by Cpl. N.W. Huertas

Service members explore barrier island for Military Fun Day

14 Oct 2015 | Cpl. N.W. Huertas 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

Service members and their guests were honored by veterans and community members during the Military Affairs Committee Military Fun Day at Harkers Island, Oct. 9.

The Carteret County Military Affairs Committee hosted more than 80 people during their visit to the Waterfowl Museum and Cape Lookout National Seashore.

“The purpose of the Military Fun Day is to provide our military members and their spouses the opportunity to get out and get away from their work environment and have a fun time,” said David Heath, the chairman of the Carteret Military Affairs Committee. “It gives them an opportunity to see Cape Lookout. Many of the military members are not from this area and have never heard of Cape Lookout or gone up to the lighthouse.”

Service members explored Cape Lookout and the Cape Lookout National Seashore and Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Centers. Guest freely roamed South Core Banks, then gathered at the museum to enjoy a meal and participate in a raffle to win various prizes.

“It gives the community a way to show our military members the appreciation we hold for their sacrifice and their dedication for their country,” said Heath. “Carteret County is a very caring community and there are many people that contribute to putting this day together for the service members. Everyone from the ferry services to the businesses that donate prizes, as well as many more contributors all come together to express our gratitude to the military community in tangible ways during this event.”


“Military service takes a lot of dedication and commitment. Service members put themselves in harm’s way and leave their family and friends to perform their duties overseas. It is important for citizens of the United States to show that this dedication and service mean something to the community,” said Heath. “It is not like going down the street and working at a car dealer or flipping burgers, it is something that comes from a personal sacrifice.”

The event provided service members the opportunity to unwind and get away from their work environment. Marines were also given a chance to meet other members of branches they do not work with in a regular basis, explained Lance Cpl. Gary Cunningham, a fixed wing aircraft mechanic with Marine Attack Training Squadron-203.

“It is interesting to see Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, and other service members in one area,” said Cunningham. “This is the first time I have attended this event and it has given me a way of meeting people I would never see on the air station.”

Military Fun Day provided great food, vast entertainment, and many oportunities to socialize while experiencing new things, explained Cunningham.  It gives the Marines a moral boost to see so many people contribute to giving them a day of relaxation in gratitude for the work they do every day.   

According to Linda Wynn, the administrative supply technician with the station command deck at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, the event also grants service members the opportunity to interact with other service members outside of their units.

“A lot of the Marines do not leave base often since they live and work there,” explained Wynn. “This is a great way for them to broaden their horizons by seeing more of the surrounding area and meet new people they would have most likely never run into.”

The event has been an annual tradition for years Cherry Point and its surrounding communities. The military community in Eastern North Carolina has an important relationship with the people who live in the region. Military Fun Day gives both communities the chance to come together and share in a fun and relaxing experience while reflecting on the gratitude they share for each other.

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing