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Sgt. Joshua Kessinger aids D’Angelo, 10, over an obstacle during the Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 2’s Warrior Day at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., Oct.30, 2015. Marines with MWHS-2 hosted an interactive day where families could participate in some of the routine training Marines undergo. Marines use obstacle courses as part of their routine physical exercise as it tests their physical endurance and teamwork. Kessinger is a Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear specialist and D’Angelo is the brother of Cpl. Raquel Mathieu, and intelligence specialist, both with the squadron. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. N.W. Huertas/ Released)

Photo by Cpl. N.W. Huertas

MWHS-2 families receive sneak-peak into Marines Daily Lives at Warrior Day

5 Nov 2015 | Cpl. N.W. Huertas 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

Families braved challenges their Marines face during Warrior Day at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Oct. 30.

Marines with Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 2 hosted a family day, where families participated in training their Marines partake in daily. Family members had the opportunity to fire on a simulated assault rifle and pistol range, use night vision equipment, compete in a combat fitness test, receive a Marine Corps Martial Arts Program class and brave the obstacle course. 

“A lot of families do not understand the role that their Marine plays in the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing and the level of support they supply to the rest of the Marine Corps,” explained Alesha Burkeen, the family readiness officer with the squadron. “The idea is to bring all of the families together and show them what their Marine does at work each day. It gives them a greater appreciation for what they do and it allows them to better support their Marines by understanding what challenges they face.”

MWHS-2 is made up of a vast diversity of Marines, explained Burkeen. The squadron is comprised of band members, administration specialist, communications specialist, intelligence specialist and many more. Each Marine plays a key role in the squadrons support capabilities to 2nd MAW.

“The event gave Marines a new appreciation for how important the work they do really is,” said Sgt. Nathan Johnson, a trumpet player with the 2nd MAW band.  “We always look at each other and tend to forget how far we have come because of the training we go through. Having people come out and try to do things we refer to as routine shows us that what we have grown accustomed to is actually more challenging than we may think.”

As family members tested their endurance through the physical challenges, they learned how every event was tied to their Marines contribution and readiness. They were shown and handled gear Marines use and learned how using it helps keep them safe while ensuring they have the tools to accomplish their mission.

According to Burkeen, Warrior Day gives families the opportunity to build stronger bonds with both the squadron and families within it. Families can rely on one another while their service members are away and allow their Marines to focus on their mission while resting assured that their loved ones have an understanding of their role in their squadron.   

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