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The Marine Corps has released new promotion criteria for lance corporals and corporals looking to rank up in Marine administrative message 055/16 Feb. 4. Effective April 1, lance corporals and corporals must have 12 months time-in-grade to be eligible for promotion to the next rank according to the MARADMIN.

Photo by Sgt. Dengrier M. Baez

Marine Corps changes promotion criteria for NCO ranks

11 Feb 2016 | Sgt. Dengrier M. Baez 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

  Effective April 1, lance corporals and corporals must have 12 months time-in-grade to be eligible for promotion to the next rank according to Marine administrative message 055/16. The change came from the Marine Corps leadership’s vision for promoting and retaining the most qualified Marines.

  “We will review our existing service-level promotion process, as well as the First and Subsequent Term Alignment Plan processes to ensure we are recognizing and retaining those who possess and exhibit the leadership, talent and skills for the future force. As part of this process, we will implement a time in grade promotion review process at the unit level, battalion or squadron, for lance corporal to corporal and corporal to sergeant,” said Gen. Robert Neller, Commandant of the Marine Corps in Fragmentary Order 01/2016 released Jan. 19.


  As it stands now, lance corporals will be promoted on the first day of the quarter if they possess the score and have the eight months in grade at any time throughout the quarter. Corporals are promoted in a similar criterion by possessing the score and having hit the 12 months at any period during the quarter. 

  New quarterly composite scores become effective April 1. For example, a lance corporal with a date of rank of April 1, 2015 will have the required 12 months in grade on April 1 of this year, and will be eligible for promotion selection. A lance corporal with a date of rank April 2 of the previous year, will have served 12 months TIG on April 2 and would not be eligible for promotion selection until May 1, according to the MARADMIN. 

  The change allows commanders to submit quarterly not recommended for promotion entries diminishing oversight errors and page 11 entries. Unless an adverse entry has been made, the Marine will automatically be eligible for promotion the following quarter. The commander can remove the not recommended entry at any time during the quarter.

  This change effects regular promotions only and will be incorporated into the change. All other requirements to be eligible for promotion like professional military education and completion of training events are still in effect.  The current policy on meritorious promotions will remain unchanged according to the MARADMIN. 

  “Recruiting and retaining quality men and women of character in today’s Corps is our friendly center of gravity and our highest priority,” said Neller. “Among those that earn the title ‘Marine,’ we must ensure we recognize, promote and retain those who are the most competent, mature and capable leaders, and who are innovative and willing to implement change.”

  For more information, visit the Marine Corps promotion branch website Select “Active Marine,” “Manpower Management (MM),” “Promotion Branch,” then “Enlisted Promotions.”

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing