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Best-selling author Dave Pelzer speaks to a crowd of Marines, Sailors and civilians during a visit to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., April 1, 2015.

Photo by Cpl. Grace L. Waladkewics

Author inspires Cherry Point audience

6 Apr 2015 | Cpl. Grace L. Waladkewics 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing

Best-selling author Dave Pelzer spoke to Marines, Sailors and civilians at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., April 1.

During the visit, Pelzer encouraged the audience to be resilient, be better and do better.

“I want everyone who comes to see me speak to see the value of their life and the value of their mission,” said Pelzer. “I really try to be about resilience, responsibility and integrity, and if I can give young people something that I didn’t have growing up, then in my eyes that’s an accomplishment and a success.”

Although Pelzer came to speak during National Child Abuse Awareness Month and several of his award-winning books have been based off his personal experiences, he chooses to speak about resilience because it is a more universal topic and he wants to promote nonlinear thinking.

“I want to talk about something that no matter who you are, no matter what age, what sex or whatever  is going on in your life, you leave after hearing me speak and you have something that you didn’t have before;  something to hopefully make your life a little bit better,” said Pelzer.

According to Pelzer, he enjoys speaking to military audiences because he served in the Air Force and feels he has something beneficial to offer Marines and Sailors.

“Being here on the installation puts me in awe. These service men and women are committed to their mission, which is something I respect because it’s not always easy,” said Pelzer. “I am trying to earn their trust and respect so I can lead them to a different place so hopefully each person walks out of here and has the drive to go out and do something they wouldn’t have done before.”

According to Cpl. Brittany Page, a tropospheric radio operator with Marine Wing Control Squadron 28, the presentation was inspiring and left her feeling motivated.

“I was really excited when I heard Pelzer would be speaking,” said Page. “The presentation was great. The one thing I took from it that I found most important was to just be you. Live your life for you and do what works for you so you can help yourself and help others.”

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing